Time Ranks Animal Liberation in Top 100 Nonfiction Books

Time magazine just named Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation as one of the top 100 nonfiction books written since 1923:

In writing what has become known as “the bible of the animal-liberation movement,” ethicist Peter Singer did not set out to make us love animals any more than we may (or may not) already have. Instead, he set out to persuade us on rational grounds that humans (themselves animals) must reject causing unnecessary pain to other beings who can “suffer and/or experience enjoyment.” How can it be moral to torture pigs — for torture it is, as Singer matter-of-factly puts forth the realities of farming — just so we can have pork for dinner?

The book is often credited with launching the modern animal rights movement, and it’s an essential read for anyone who intends to devote significant time to animal protection. Link.


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