Top Food Analyst Shatters Myth of Eco-Friendly Beef

Helene York, the director of strategic initiatives for Bon Appétit Management Company, argues that there’s no such thing as eco-friendly beef. York has about as much clout and influence as anyone in the food service sector, so this article carries a lot of weight. Michael Pollan won’t like her central claim one bit:

There are lots of reasons to support small-scale, pasture-raised beef versus CAFO-produced, but carbon neutrality sure isn’t one of them.

Unfortunately, one point she makes could easily be misinterpreted:

I applaud the ranchers who are genuinely working to improve waste management (the biggest variable in emissions)…

Actually, by far the biggest variable in emissions is whether people choose to eat beef in the first place.

A lot of policy makers are going to pay attention to this article. It’s the last thing the beef industry wanted to see. (Via Edible SF.) Link.


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