Trent’s Feedlot Beef Propaganda

There’s nothing that so delights the senses and gladdens the spirit as a new YouTube video from our favorite agribusiness propagandist, Trent Loos.

Sadly, it’s now summer, so Mr. Loos has dispensed with his customary scarf. But that’s OK since he now sports a garish green agribusiness jersey that perfectly complements his snazzy cowboy hat. I realize that, until now, Trent’s scarf has distracted attention from his majestic mustache. And let me tell you: there’s a ‘stache that would make the likes of Joseph Stalin and Saddam Hussein green with envy.

Anyway, let’s get on to the meat of today’s presentation, shall we? Here, Loos welcomes Dr. Jude Capper of Washington State University. It’s Cooper’s contention that feedlot beef is less damaging to the environment than grass-fed beef, as it is responsible for less carbon dioxide emissions. Plus, grass-fed cattle require 431 days of finishing time, whereas feedlot cattle are ready to be trucked to slaughter in just 219 days.

Conspicuously absent from this discussion is the welfare standards of feedlot vs. grass-finished cattle; there’s no mention of the former having to stand ankle-deep in shit for 219 days. Nor is there mention of the hormone implants that are typically given to feedlot cattle.

See, the problem with this video is it ignores the possibilities that:

  1. You could just give up beef altogether.
  2. If you must eat beef, you could cut your consumption dramatically and spend the money you save on the highest-welfare, non-hormone implanted, non-feedlot beef.

In environmental terms, fussing over the comparative environmental impacts of feedlot vs. grass-fed beef is like comparing the gas milage of a Hummer to an F-350, while ignoring the bicycle parked alongside.

In any case, serious activists need to watch videos like this at every opportunity. Sure, they’re undiluted industry bullshit, but you’ve got to learn these arguments backwards and forwards in order to become effective at debunking them.

We love you, Trent! Link.