Two Essential Posts by Will Potter

Will Potter’s latest two posts on his Green Is the New Red blog are not to be missed. The first one deals with a federal appeals court upholding the Shac 7 conviction, and it concludes:

This is critical time in American history. Corporations, working alongside ambitious prosecutors, are radically expanding cultural and legal conceptions of “terrorism” in order to push a political agenda. Mainstream animal and environmental groups, the press, civil liberties groups, they have all largely remained silent on this historic case. As a result, this appellate court has issued its sweeping ruling with impunity.

It is all too easy to weaken the First Amendment when it comes to the rights of “radicals” and “extremists.” It is even easier when no one is paying attention.

In light of this troubling development, Potter then links to a free online booklet for knowing your rights should you be unfortunate enough to be visited by federal agents.

The rights of law-abiding activists are being steadily eroded as animal abusers continually tar everyone opposed to animal exploitation with the terrorist brush. Potter’s blog, which focuses on this trend, is therefore—regrettably—essential reading for every activist.


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