Two Reviews of Food, Inc.

Here are a couple reviews of the forthcoming movie, Food, Inc., which was co-produced by Eric Schlosser.

David Murphy writes:

In exactly 93 minutes, director Robert Kenner manages to slice down to the bone the many myths of the U.S. food system in a riveting documentary that exposes how a handful of corporations determine what our nation’s children eat and how America’s addiction to cheaper, faster, and larger portions has managed to shorten the average lifespan of the next generation for the first time since the Black Plague. Link.

And HSUS’ Jennifer Fearing addresses the film’s depiction of animal cruelty in agribusiness:

About a third of the film’s footage features feedlots, confinement facilities, and slaughterhouses. In an artful and effective way, images flick quickly from living animal to dead animal to carcass to giant vats of flesh. In so doing, the film challenges the cognitive dissonance so many people live with: identifying and empathizing with individual animals while eating others. Link.

It’s obvious from these reviews that Food, Inc. doesn’t put veganism front-and-center. But it’s also looking like this film is not to be missed, and will have a major impact against agribusiness.