Two-Track Activism at UC Santa Cruz

I’d completely forgotten being interviewed for this article for my alma mater’s campus newspaper, but I’ve got to say the reporter did a bang-up job of writing this up. This is one of the best campus newspaper articles I’ve ever read on agribusiness cruelties and the advantages of veganism.

And I think it’s a perfect example of how it’s possible to simultaneously push to eliminate the worst factory farming cruelties on one hand, while strongly advocating for veganism on the other hand. These two efforts need never undercut one another; in fact, one bolsters the other. (Via Eric.) Link.

Update: On my first pass through this article, I scanned over, “Marcus explained that if the egg and dairy industries were more animal-friendly, he would consider switching back to vegetarianism.” That’s completely untrue, and I would never say anything to that effect. I’ve been misconstrued. If you looked hard, you can probably find beef and chicken raised with as little cruelty as the stuff could possibly be raised—I would never consider eating any of it.