U.S. Meat Consumption Continues to Decline

Janet Larsen at Earth Policy Institute reports:

U.S. meat consumption has peaked. Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show that meat eating across the country fell from the 2004 high point of 184 pounds (83 kilograms) per person to 171 pounds in 2011. Early estimates for 2012 project a further reduction in American meat eating to 166 pounds, making for a 10 percent drop over the eight-year period. For a society that lives high on the food chain, this new trend could signal the end of meat’s mealtime dominance.

That’s still almost double the per capita consumption of the decade before World War II, but this is nevertheless a welcome step in the right direction. Most of this change is undoubtedly driven by the growing popularity of part-time vegetarianism.

The charts published with this report should have the meat industry tearing its hair, and vegans tossing confetti. Even the poultry industry—and those dicks always seem to prosper no matter what the news—has suddenly hit the wall. (Thanks, John.) Link.