UEP Says Battery Cage Ban Would Unleash the Apocalypse

UEP Says Battery Cage Ban Would Unleash the Apocalypse

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Here’s a press release from the United Egg Producers in which they use every possible scare tactic regarding cage-free eggs. They argue that if America bans battery cages it would lead to rising egg prices, inability to feed the hungry, even global warming. For anybody who’s read up on these issues, these arguments are made in amazingly bad faith.

The crux of their argument is that if it becomes illegal to raise hens under cruel battery conditions in the US, Americans would just start buying cheaper battery cage eggs from abroad.

Of course, the United Egg Producers could topple any such fears. They could simply back a law banning the sale of all battery eggs in the United States, regardless of the country of origin, and then push its members to become world leaders in animal welfare.

But that won’t happen since the UEP doesn’t give a shit about preventing animal cruelty, and is just looking for any and all reason to keep battery cages from being banned. (Via Shapiro.) Link.

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