USA Today Spotlights Egg Industry Law-Breaking

USA Today published an an editorial yesterday blasting the egg industry and calling for tougher food safety regulations and enforcement:

Investigations suggest that contaminated feed allowed salmonella enteritidis to get into the eggs at Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms. Someone obviously fouled up, but the egg producers insist their safety record is exemplary. And they have the gall to imply that consumers are at fault if they don’t cook eggs to the consistency of shoe soles to kill bacteria.

Love it. The piece then tears into the owner of Wright County Egg, comparing him to corporate outlaws from the oil and mining industries:

Now comes Wright County Egg’s Austin "Jack" DeCoster, who has a history of environmental and labor violations so bad that the Clinton administration once called one of his earlier operations "an agricultural sweatshop" and Iowa authorities declared his hog operation a "habitual violator" of water rules. Despite this track record, the Food and Drug Administration never inspected his egg farm or routinely checked any other egg operation unless it was linked to an outbreak.

Over the past year or so USA Today has become America’s top paper when it comes to food safety reporting, and this editorial is among the best things I’ve seen from them. Link.