USDA Plays Hide the Salami

Just last week, I blogged about a recall involving 864,000 pounds of E. coli contaminated ground beef products.

This past weekend, the USDA issued a new and even bigger recall, this time involving 1.24 million pounds of salmonella contaminated salami. The details the USDA has provided are, of course, singularly unhelpful—there’s no mention of which stores sold the stuff.

Trial lawyer Bill Marler obviously cares more about the public health than the USDA, and he’s posted the details of which stores are involved. His blog entry also reports that the, despite the massive recall, the salami company is still denying blame. Unfortunately for them, it appears Oregon’s top epidemiologist has concluded otherwise. Link.

Update: Food safety attorney Bill Marler tweets he plans to sue the bastards in the morning. Link.