USDA Under Fire For Poor School Lunch Meat Safety

Last week I blogged about an important USA Today article that revealed that fast food chains often have far more rigorous safety standards for the meat they purchase than does the National School Lunch Program.

It’s an absurd state of affairs, and now that this issue has been publicized, it’s looking like change may be on the way. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York just sent a letter to USDA head Tom Vilsack containing this demand:

Our children deserve a testing program at least as good as the fast food chains.

And Dave Murphy, of Food Democracy Now!, says:

It’s a national embarrassment that America’s children can’t eat meat as safe in their school lunches as the meat served at McDonalds or Jack in the Box.

It’s tough to imagine the USDA sticking with its lax purchasing standards now that the public knows what’s going on. Link.