Holiday 2011 Fundraising Drive

I’m going to keep this appeal as short as possible: if you like my efforts with and elsewhere I could use your financial help right now. My decision to quit daily blogging has turned out to be one of the best I’ve ever made. As I expected, it’s allowed me to devote vastly more time to thinking through my immediate and long-term projects on behalf of animals. I know the animals will come out on top from this decision, and I expect 2012 will be my most productive year yet.

2011 was a huge year for me. In addition to writing well over 1000 blog entries, I released an updated edition of my Ultimate Vegan Guide in paperback and on Kindle. The 99-cent Kindle edition has been selling like hotcakes and I’m eager to build on this success. My final big project for 2011 will be to make the book available in iOS (iPad and iPhone) as well as Nook formats. I’m starting work on those efforts today.

I’ve no doubt that my decision to price the Kindle edition so low has already cost me thousands of dollars in lost royalties, but I decided that maximizing readership came before getting fair compensation for my writing. It’s my hope that some of my readers will recognize the value of what I’ve put out there, and help make it possible for me to continue this sort of thing.

I’ve also been working on a number of other fronts. Just yesterday I got commitments from three readers to leaflet for Vegan Outreach. And last week I gave a thorough update to our FAQ.

I’ve got exciting plans for 2012 and they center upon helping more readers to take their first steps into activism. I strongly encourage anyone interested in working with me to fill out my activist contact form—you’ll have first priority when I open up my next big project for signups.

If you’ve followed my work for any length of time you know that I put the bulk of my attention into doing the things that I think are necessary to put an end to factory farming in our lifetimes, while pushing vegan living into the mainstream. Between the economic meltdown and my decision to stop blogging, my income from this site has taken a hit and I could really use your help in picking up the slack. Please note that as I have not incorporated as a nonprofit, your gift is not tax deductible. But I hope you’ll agree that I deliver some of the biggest bang for the buck when it comes to animal protection. My handful of supporters makes it all possible. If you’re in a position to help support my work, you can donate here.

I only do these drives twice a year, and the money raised is crucial to keeping all my efforts going. My goal for this season’s drive is $3000. All donors of $50 or more will be mentioned in a future blog post, unless you wish to remain anonymous. Please take this opportunity to help give me what I need to continue churning out great stuff for the vegan world.


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