Vegan Condensed Milk

When it comes to vegan versions of popular foods, I thought I’d seen it all: mayo, jerky, marshmallows, ice cream, cheese, and even chorizo.

So when I slammed the New York Times this week for breathlessly extolling the wonders of condensed milk, which I regard as sweetened pus in a can, it never even crossed my mind that a vegan version of this product might available. Well, it turns out a reader not only knew all about the existence of vegan condensed milk, she actually imports the stuff. And, in response to my post, she wrote up a blog entry all about it.

It’s worth clicking through just to see her magnificent photo of fudge that she made from this product. And—if that’s not enough—she writes that she wants to send me some fudge. Everything is right and beautiful in the world today. Link.