Vegan Mac & Cheese Recipe

The “To Live and Eat in LA” blog just published a great looking Mac & Cheese recipe featuring Daiya vegan cheese. Everytime I hear Daiya cheese discussed, it always involves vegans gushing about it in the most adoring terms. A snip from the blog:

At the top of the vegan simulated foods chain sits Daiya Cheese, a marvel of taste and ingenuity. Daiya Cheese is the sort of stuff that’s going to start a revolution. The cheese flavor is dead on and even more remarkably, Daiya melts just like real cheese. No joke, this stuff is the real deal, a true cheese substitute that melts and stretches and actually makes you want to eat it. No one can complain anymore that it’s too hard to go vegan because they’d die without pizza… because vegan pizza is out there and is as good as the “real” stuff. And now I’m here to tell you, so is Macaroni & Cheese.

Being vegan doesn’t require half the effort or zeal it once did. And that’s an excellent thing. Link.