Vegan Parenting

Vegan parenting — what a sticky subject. Well, this week’s Vegan Outreach eNewsletter has the best essay on the topic I’ve ever read. This piece tackles head-on the delicate subject of forcing your beliefs on your child. Here’s an excerpt:

Is “good parenting” simply following society’s current norms?

Like everything about raising a child, feeding them means making choices. We aren’t forcing our beliefs on our daughter Ellen, we are living our values. We have never forbidden her from eating animals; rather, we have explained (at an age-appropriate level) why we believe it is wrong to support killing and consuming pigs, birds, fish, etc. We would no sooner raise our daughter to view animals as food than we would teach her to hate and discriminate against homosexuals (or, if we lived 150 years ago, to keep other human beings as slaves).

Whether or not you have kids, or are planning to have kids, this piece is a must-read. Link.