Vegan Until Six

(From Matt.) Back in May, I linked to Mark Bittman’s wonderful TED talk, “What’s Wrong With What We Eat.”

Like Michael Pollan, in fact probably even moreso than Pollan, Bittman is a master at selling plant-based eating to the masses. He’s really great at showing why the Standard American Diet is a disaster, and offering alternatives that are easy and accessible. Plus, like Pollan, Bittman is able to publish his work in big-time mainstream venues.

His latest piece is published in that conservative, geriatric stalwart, Readers Digest. Here, Bittman offers up the idea of being vegan until 6:00 PM. And then he talks about how this style of eating has paid huge dividends in his own life. It’s a masterful sales pitch.

In one stroke, Bittman has gone after the nut that’s toughest for vegans to crack — older, conservative people who’ve eaten meat all their lives — and has provided this audience with a magnificent argument for cutting out more than half their consumption of animal products.

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