Vegetarian for a Week

Several times a year a college newspaper publishes an article written by a student who tried being vegetarian or vegan for a week or a month. Sometimes these articles are useful, sometimes they do damage. Almost all are a reminder that most undergrads can’t write worth a damn.

This might be the best I’ve read; Kelton Sears already has the writing chops of a professional.  He’s got an ear for language, he’s funny, and he knows how to keep a narrative progressing. In short, he’s got the ability to write for a living, if he decides to give it a go. He does bobble his facts on the vegetarians-live-13-years-longer claim (there’s no strong evidence that vegetarians live any longer than omnivores), but this is otherwise a terrific and highly readable piece.

It’s a warts-and-all yet upbeat story of Sears’ week as a vegetarian, helpfully told and without the usual this-is-such-a-big-deal and aren’t-I-special narcissism that typically accompanies this genre of feature article writing. (Via COK.)  Link.