Veggie Burgers Get Meatier

The Wall Street Journal reports that yesterday’s veggie burgers and hotdogs just don’t cut it anymore, as food scientists across the industry are raising the bar in terms of giving these vegan products the flavors and mouthfeel of meat. Some vegans might consider this to be a disturbing trend, but this has to happen if we’re going to win over flexitarians to eating meat substitutes more often.

I’ll always have a warm place in my heart for first-generation meat and cheese alternatives, like those in The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook, and I can’t imagine giving up those recipes. But I’m glad that there’s an arms race in the market for vegan convenience foods, and that natural foods companies are investing heavily in R&D.

My parents always turned up their noses at the prospect of eating meat alternatives instead of the real thing, until Gardein came along and changed everything. It’s nice to know that competition in this niche is intensifying: it’s threatening the #1 reason that Americans continue to eat animals. (Via Kathy.) Link. [Paywalled.]