Veterinary Group Covers Eyes Over Agribusiness Antibiotic Abuse

Veterinary Group Covers Eyes Over Agribusiness Antibiotic Abuse

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With the release of a damning Pew Commission report, the American Veterinary Medical Association had a golden opportunity to take a firm stance against routine antibiotic use by agribusiness. Instead, they’ve been acting like industry stooges, and this Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future blog entry takes the organization to task.

The article quotes Dr. Raymond Tarpley:

I am dismayed that my professional organization (the AVMA of which I am a member) has chosen to pursue a reckless policy that favors the misuse of critical antibiotic compounds for reasons other than medical necessity. Microbial resistance to loose and repeated antibiotic exposure for non-therapeutic reasons has been proven, and while the AVMA has apparently buckled to pressures from industrial animal agriculture, it is without doubt an unwise investment in the health of our animals and human population to continue to use these valuable compounds to promote industry profits at the expense of societal risk.

(Via Williams.) Link.

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