Wayne Pacelle on MFA Dairy Investigation

This week’s MFA investigation has shone the spotlight on cruel dairy practices, with widespread national media coverage including last night’s magnificent Nightline segment. So how is the industry reacting to these revelations? HSUS chief Wayne Pacelle just wrote an article about the industry’s thoroughly dickish response:

…there is a circling of the wagons among so many other state and national livestock industry trade groups. As long as they stand in the way of morally obvious and science-based reforms, they will continue to be defined by their most deplorable actions.


There seems to be so little leadership in the agriculture community on animal welfare. It is both baffling and inexcusable. It’s as if they do not care about the views of consumers or retailers, and they’ll just mistreat animals unless they are forced to stop.

Yeah, that last sentence pretty much nails it. So the question becomes: what are each of us doing to make sure all of your friends and family sees last night’s Nightline segment? (Via Shapiro.) Link.