Weekly Ad: Amazon’s Grocery Now Super Vegan-Friendly

Just today, I chanced to make a discovery that, in all modesty, surely ranks up there in human advancement with the discovery of fire or electricity: Amazon has now given vegan groceries its own category. Let me explain why this is a huge deal.

What that means is that you can visit this page and find, oh, 1750 different vegan grocery items, all in one convenient place. Many of these items are far cheaper than you can find locally, with free shipping available. And there are plenty of items that you won’t be able to find in your neighborhood, so give it a look.

Even more exciting, if you visit the above page, and look at the left column, you’ll find the vegan items broken down into 21 different categories. There’s even a “Meat and Poultry” section stocked with 23 different fake meats. There are also currently: 283 vegan cooking and baking supplies; 109 vegan breakfast foods; 235 snack foods; and 140 prepared food items.

I’ve literally been waiting years for Amazon to do this, so I’m thrilled they’ve just made life so much easier for vegans. As with any new feature, there are some bugs to be worked out. Always double-check each item to be sure that it’s vegan, as I’ve noticed that they’ve listed “Pirate’s Booty” as vegan when in fact it’s made with cheese. I’ve already emailed Amazon about this, and I’m sure they’ll get the kinks worked out soon, but even now this vegan categorization feature is supremely useful.

Since you might find Amazon’s grocery selection overwhelming, let me suggest you start by picking up the best commercial salad dressing ever made: Annie’s Naturals Goddess Dressing. If you’re a fan of Indian Food, I also recommend Kitchens of India’s Pindi Chana, which through the end of the month carries a special 25 percent off coupon code.

Finally, remember that Amazon also offers a complete line-up of vegan supplements. And there’s free shipping on nearly all grocery items and supplements on orders of $25 or more.

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