Weekly Ad: Vegan Tax Preparation

You know the worst thing about doing your own taxes? It’s not the unpleasantness of going through all the paperwork; it’s the sneaking suspicion that no matter how careful and attentive you were, you likely misunderstood one or more entries and will in due course be reamed by the powers that be.

Last year, I’d had enough of that feeling and hired my friend Jodi Chemes to do my taxes for me. It took me less than an hour to send her everything she needed, and I soon had bulletproof state and federal returns filed. The only thing I had to do was sign on the dotted line.

Jodi has a master’s degree in tax accounting, and she’s a kick-ass vegan activist to boot. Her tax preparation services start at $100 for combined federal and state returns. If you want your taxes done right and without any blood, sweat, and tears, shoot her an email.