Wendy’s Goes 2 Percent Cage-Free

Wendy’s Goes 2 Percent Cage-Free

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Wendy’s announced today it’ll source 2 percent of its eggs from cage-free farms.

2 percent is admittedly pathetically small, but it’s an important first step and puts pressure on McDonald’s to leapfrog Wendy’s commitment. Currently, McDonald’s buys not a single cage-free egg for its USA restaurants.

Going 2 percent cage-free is a bit like announcing you’ll beat your kid 2 percent less frequently — it’s a commitment so laughably inadequate that it’s bound to quickly be enlarged. Wendy’s has implicitly conceded that battery eggs are cruel; and they’ve started down a path that’ll take them to 100 percent cage-free quicker than anyone would expect. (Thanks, Paul.) Link.

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