What I Get from Running Vegan.com

It’s a Friday afternoon and a very slow news day, so it seems the perfect time to post something I’ve been meaning to write for a while.

About the most important thing I have in my life is my relationship with you, my readers and listeners. Without you, I’m just a Father McKenzie, scribbling away but not saving a single animal. But with you, together, we can keep stepping up our pressure on animal agriculture.

So with that said, I’d like to provide details about the commercial side of Vegan.com. It seems sensible that you know my financial interest in this site, and what I receive from running it.

Probably the best entry point to discussing the commercial side of Vegan.com is to tell you what this site would look like if I had a fat trust fund, and didn’t need to earn a penny from my work. If that was the case, there are two things I’m sure about. First, I’d still be devoting most of my energies to publishing Vegan.com. Second, I’d still be running the exact same ads I’m running now. The only difference would be that I’d donate the proceeds to groups like Vegan Outreach, Compassion Over Killing, and Mercy for Animals.

When I go to conferences, I frequently meet people who think I must be raking it in thanks to Vegan.com. I wish that was true. I currently make less than $5000 a year from this site. Donations so far in 2008 have come to less than $500.

I also sometimes get emails from people who criticize me for posting ads. Well, if the ads went away, I’d have to find some other way to stay afloat, and there’s no way I could devote the bulk of energies to Vegan.com. I have to think all the time I put into Vegan.com is a big win for the animals.

So here’s what you can expect from me. It’s my intention to continue putting most of my time into improving Vegan.com. I blog daily, podcast weekly, handle the webmaster chores, and regularly create graphics to improve the overall look. I expect to roll out some exciting new content as we head into autumn.

In return, from you, I expect: nothing. I’m just happy to have you as a reader. If you like what I do and wish to subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed, so much the better. If you can tell your friends about the site, or post a link to Vegan.com on your blog, better still. And if you shop our grocery or if you make a point of following Vegan.com’s links to Amazon before making your purchases there, doing these things make a huge difference in my ability to keep Vegan.com going.

But the most important thing I can tell you is that I feel privileged to be able to communicate with each of my readers. That’s all the payback I could ever ask for, and I can’t think of a more fulfilling way to spend my time.