What If Horse Racing Was Banned?

TD Thornton entertains this possibility in the New York Times’ blog section. But he doesn’t entertain it in good faith. He starts by calling the people in favor of this ban, “extremists.” And things only spiral down from there.

Amazingly, he uses a variant of that odious, heard-it-a-thousand-times-and-it’s-still-stupid, “what would happen to the farm animals if everyone went vegan?” argument, this time asking what would happen to all the horses if a ban was enacted. My short blog entry here just can’t do justice to the overall crappiness of this piece.

Thornton’s right about one thing: assuming an overnight ban was possible, things for some racehorses would get worse this year. But that would be the end to this whole horrid situation.

Nowhere does he bother to mention the widespread problem of horses “breaking down” on the track — industry lingo for suffering a fatal injury. Given that he doesn’t even have the honesty to acknowledge that — day after day, year after year — a huge portion of racehorses are essentially shipped to glue factories, this strikes me as one of the most dishonestly written anti-animal editorials I’ve seen in a long, long time. Link.