Win a Copy of Vegan On the Cheap received a review copy of Robin Robertson’s brand new Vegan on the Cheap last week, and I couldn’t be more impressed. You would expect a book with this title to skimp on production values, but that’s anything but the case. Nice paper, superior typography, plus two color ink throughout. I know this isn’t the first time I’ve talked about my two color ink fetish for cookbooks, but once you compare a cookbook printed in green and purple to one in straight black ink, there’s no going back. Two color ink makes for a vastly more attractive book, with recipes that are far easier to read.

More importantly, this book is by Robin Robertson, so you know all its recipes are clearly written and extensively tested. And since everything here is super cheap to make (between fifty cents and two bucks a serving), this cookbook pays for itself after one or two recipes.

In celebration of this book’s release, is giving away five copies. Drawing will be held this Friday, May 7, and is limited to USA residents. If you don’t enter you can’t win. Link.