World Wildlife Fund Fingers Animal Ag in Climate Change

The World Wildlife Fund has released what it calls a “short and preliminary study” focusing on how greenhouse gases associated with UK food production could be reduced 70 percent by 2050. The study estimates that food production, and the land use changes it entails, are responsible for 30 percent of the UK’s consumer-driven greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, after totaling the greenhouse gas emissions directly created by UK agriculture, the report found that, “58% arise from animal products.”

So, you would think this report would be singing the praises of vegetarian or vegan diets. Not quite:

However, complete removal of livestock products is an extreme option which is not realistic and presents very significant nutritional challenges.

The most significant challenge of a meat free diet is encountering idiotic statements like the above, in an article written by academics who should know better. Is it too much to ask the WWF to read the American Dietetic Association’s 2009 position paper on vegetarianism, before branding the diet as “extreme” and “not realistic”? PDF Link.