You Got Me There

Sometimes I think it’s a miracle that I manage to stay sober, given the letters this website generates. Here’s an email I received moments ago, quoted verbatim:

I hope you know that there is no vaild reason for vegatarism, I mean sericoly,(sp) the whole idea of being vegan is making sure no animals are killed. Well, sorry to break it to you, animals are getting killed on crop fields because they eat the crop, because if he/she didn’t, the farmer loses his livihood and loses everything. And, I, obvisioly beijng a hunter don’t masscre animals, matter of fact we’ve only shot 2 deer (110 pounds apiece) all year to support a family of 5. Also hunting helps kids stay intune with nature.

I know what your thinking, (All kids are learning is killing) no just sitting for 5 hours just watching nature and watching the sun rise teaches kids a lot. I you(ironicly to you) learn compassion, ex. I saw a big doe trotting across a field, and I picked up my shotgun and aimed, and I put it down when I saw a fawn trot behind it’s mother, that doe. So, see carniovorism probably (defininly) is more humane then veganism.

I stand by my position that it’s important to avoid eating animals. And use spellcheck.