Zohar Julius’ E6 Calf Rescue Film

For the past five years, undercover investigations have been a rapidly growing part of the animal protection movement’s efforts, as one video after another racks up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views. These videos have led to criminal charges being filed against animal abusers, and have even resulted in entire facilities being shut down. Countless people have been awakened to the cruelties of factory farming by seeing these sorts of videos.

But there are two drawbacks to every undercover video: watching them is soul-shredding, and in consequence many people are unable or unwilling to bear witness.

Last month’s Mercy For Animals investigation of E6 Cattle yielded some of the most disturbing video produced in the animal protection movement’s history. Yet, in this twelve minute short film, director Zohar Julius finds a way to memorably tell this story without resorting to any graphic imagery.

Every key detail of the E6 investigation is presented here. And best of all, the film does a masterful job of explaining why the dairy industry and the veal industry are joined at the hip, and why you can’t purchase commercial milk without supporting the killing of calves.

I think Julius has pioneered something of extraordinary value. Every undercover cruelty video ought to be accompanied by a non-graphic film like this, that tells the backstory in straightforward and memorable terms. That’s admittedly a tough trick to pull off, and doing so costs money and requires a talented director. But Julius has delivered the goods on this one, and I hope that this film inspires other short films that will accompany future investigations.

So now, for the first time, we’ve got a 12-minute film about E6 that everyone can and should see. Please honor the memory of E6’s unluckiest calves, and the work of MFA’s heroic investigator, and do everything you possibly can to share Julius’ film. Link.