Vegan Cars

Automobile shopping is stressful to anyone, but for vegans it can be a special annoyance. Sure, the base models of most cars typically feature cloth upholstery, but leather is commonly included in options packages. So if you want the nicer stereo or the moon roof or the sport suspension, you often can’t have it unless you are also willing to accept leather seats.

Leaving its ethical implications aside, leather is a downright terrible choice for automotive upholstery. It’s cold and hard in winter, slick and hot in the summer, and can be ruined by rain or a spilled drink. And why on earth would anyone wrap a steering wheel in leather? That’s just icky.

Sadly, since cars aren’t made to order there’s no way out if the option package you want features leather. Your only alternative is to find a comparable car model that provides the options you want without the leather—and to let the manufacturer of the car you originally wanted know that they’ve missed out on a sale.


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