Local Vegan Activism: How to Run an Effective Organization

by Hillary Rettig In high tech, it’s often easier for a telecom company to lay a fiber optic cable thousands of miles across an ocean or continent than it is to connect the end of that cable to the hundreds or thousands of homes who need the service. That’s called the “last mile problem,” and […]

COVID-19 Self-Isolation and Social Distancing Guide

Starting at the end of February 2020, I went into “self-quarantine” against the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. I want to tell you about my experience so far—it’s certainly not wonderful, but there aren’t any true hardships—and hopefully I can convince you to take similar precautions. My primary goal for 2020 is to avoid catching […]

Vegan Prepping & COVID-19: Key Info & Food Items

Vegan prepping Covid-19

By Erik Marcus, Published March 4, 2020 This page ends with a grocery list for vegans who want to intelligently go about prepping for any sort of food supply disruption. But let’s start with some background on COVID-19. Three Things to Know About COVID-19 When you hear somebody downplaying COVID-19 risks by comparing it to […]

Eating Vegan: Grocery Shopping, Cooking, & Dining Options

If you want to learn about vegan foods, the best place to start is not with cooking, but with eating. Most food-related publishing and television is devoted to cooking. And while cooking is important, the foods you can prepare yourself are only a subset of everything you can potentially eat. In this guide we’ll look […]

Vegan Rice Ideas: Varieties and Preparation Tips

vegan rice

Rice is a delicious and versatile food that’s easy to incorporate into your diet, and there are all sorts of outstanding vegan rice dishes. As one of the only foods that’s free of all common allergens, it’s something everyone can enjoy. Nutrition Facts Concerning Rice Rice’s calories come primarily from complex carbohydrates, plus some protein. […]

Kaepernick, Veganism, and Nike: It’s All About Character

Colin Kaepernick throws pass at Super Bowl XLVII

If the past year or two has taught us anything, it’s that flawed and damaged people are everywhere. Collectively, we once knew that, but somehow society forgot. There’s a reason why every American high school student is assigned Hawthorne’s short story, “Young Goodman Brown.” Understanding the story takes you into adulthood. When you think of […]

Show Me a Sign

While hanging out in Chiang Mai, Thailand last month I suddenly found myself hungry. I had only been in town a couple days and didn’t yet have a good handle on the local vegan scene, so I checked Google and it turned out there was a vegan place called Ming Kwan within a ten minute walk. […]

It’s Time for Bacon to Carry Warning Labels


For more than a generation, meat has been linked to a variety of ailments. But not all meat is equally risky, and it’s been clear for some time that cured meats like bacon, ham, and sausage carry far greater health risks than other types of meat. It’s never been terribly difficult to imagine why, since if you […]

Add a Zero

animal millionaire

I began doing vegan advocacy in 1991. It was a different world then. Nobody knew what a vegan was, much less how to pronounce the word. And the first generation of vegan meat and cheese products was simply vile. I remember craving cheese once and paying a small fortune for a block of vegan cheese. I stuck […]

How Far We’ve Come


I’ve never started work on something with such mixed feelings, but two-and-a-half years after I quit blogging I’ve decided, for reasons probably not worth getting into, to have another go at it. Maybe this will last for weeks or months, but I doubt it’ll last for years. Blogging makes me uncomfortable, but I feel like […]