Cattle Network: Put Your Beef Ideas On Video & Win Big

I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it…I’m about to lose control and I think I like it. The Cattle Network is ripping off PETA’s idea, and trying to get ordinary folks to create videos promoting beef. They think this is how viral videos are born. Five winners get an iPod Touch. Wow-wee, such big spenders. They’ve launched their contest today and here’s the lead they’re using to get people interested:

Where is your favorite place to enjoy delicious nutritious beef? How do you create your favorite burger or grill your favorite steak? Whether you enjoy beef at home, a friend’s house, or your favorite restaurant, the 2008 Beef Ambassadors want to enjoy it with you, so they’re launching a “More BEEF in More Places” video contest to bring out the best tips for beef lovers worldwide.

Here are some of my favorite places to enjoy delicious nutritious beef: directly at the slaughterhouse, as I’m wheeled in for heart surgery, as I’m bedridden with E. coli, and at funerals for friends who’ve died prematurely from congestive heart disease. What are your favorite places? My point here is that users could create a vastly funnier and more attention-grabbing video than anyone seriously participating in this idiotic contest. And nothing’s stopping us from uploading these videos to YouTube for the sake of embarrassing the hell out of the beef industry. When uploading, be sure to tag your entry: “BEEF in More Places.” Who wants to make this happen? Link.

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