Chipotle Bag Bashes Factory Pig Farming

Sayeth this takeout bag from Chipotle Mexican Grill:

Viva La Revolucion! Okay Pigs, It’s time for us to get together and start fixing this system. We see the way that our pig friends get treated at their factory farms, and it’s time we fight so all pigs can have the same rights we have! No more tight, confining pens! No more antibiotics or non-vegetarian feed!!!!!!!! We can do it! Yours Truly, el Pig

Within the vegan community, there are people who’d call this bag a bad thing, asserting that this rhetoric legitimizes the killing of pigs. They couldn’t be more mistaken. The killing of pigs and other animals for food has been legitimized since pre-biblical times. Despite its humorous tone, the text on this bag is a frontal assault on factory farming.

No longer are the overwhelming majority of meat eaters completely clueless about factory farming and animal cruelty. Increasingly, we’re seeing meat eaters demand better; meat eaters who find standard factory farm practices morally wrong, and in fact deeply offensive.

As this issue becomes increasingly public, we’re seeing society turn against the business model of the factory farm. For some people, this means paying more for the meat they eat, and eating less of it. For others, simply to engage the issue is to start down the road to becoming vegan.

You can bet that our friends at Smithfield Foods regard this bag as a nightmare. Imagine: a restaurant that profits by selling pork is provoking a public debate that will lead many participants to one of two places: cutting down on meat while rejecting factory farming, or cutting out animal products entirely.

Photo Credit: AnastasiaSJ


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