Confronting Anti-Vegan Arguments

As a long-time vegan activist, I try to listen to as many anti-vegan arguments as possible; the more I hear, the more likely I am to have a ready response the next time I’m confronted with such an argument. So, with that in mind, I’m posting this letter published by the Modesto Bee, written by David Martosko, one of the guys from the Center for Consumer Freedom (without question, the most anti-veggie group in the country. Guess where they get their funding?)

There’s nothing really new here: call the diet “extreme,” slam the food as being disgusting, and do some hand waving about animal products being a healthy part of a “balanced diet.” Link.

Some responses:

1) Yes, a vegan diet is extreme — it’s extremely healthy and compassionate. It’s also extremely delicious.

2) Unless you’re Oprah Winfrey being served by top chefs, vegan food means tofu pizza and drumstick-shaped tempeh loaves? Really?

3) It’s obviously absurd to claim a vegan diet cures all health problems. But the majority of Americans would see their cholesterol drop, and attain a healthier body weight, if they cut down or cut out the animal products.

Hey David, are these really the best anti-vegan arguments you can come up with? If so, you guys are hosed.


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