Vegan Culinary Schools

If you love to cook and feel like you have a knack for it, you might consider becoming a professional chef. Attending culinary school will hone your cooking skills and open up a range of employment opportunities. Most culinary schools emphasize foods that are heavy on animal products, but there are a number of schools in the United States that take the opposite approach.

This page used to contain a list of vegan cooking schools, but some of these places are outrageously priced and/or are run by people who seem to have questionable motives. The job of keeping the bad ones off the list is prohibitively big, subjective, and thankless so I have ditched the list entirely.

You’ll be able to find quite a few vegan culinary schools with a quick Google search. I implore you to then research the schools you find to see if they’re being run ethically. Keep prices in mind, as well as the payoffs you can realistically expect to receive from this training. You absolutely don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for a few sessions that’ll only teach you some baking fundamentals.

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