Death by Jerky

You might have heard the story of Abraham Biggs’ suicide. He was a depressed college student who killed himself in November while televising his suicide on a webcam. People laughed and looked on, and nobody did anything to help.

There are plenty of ways to kill yourself online as others watch, and the Beef Jerky Diet Blog bothers me the same way that Bigg’s suicide did. It’s a blog written by a guy who is using an Atkins-style approach to weight loss, except he’s eating beef jerky instead of regular cuts of meat. And he doesn’t even seem to be eating much of the healthy fruits and veggies that Atkins calls for. It’s the worst of all possible worlds.

The sad thing here is that you can indeed lose weight in this way, as the blogger is ably demonstrating. But then what? How do you sustain a healthy body weight if the diet that took you there is ridiculously unhealthful?

The entries this guy writes reveal a profound ignorance of nutrition. And along the way, you’ll hear details you wish you hadn’t heard. Tongue sores? My God.

This is an online suicide — weirder, slower, and less dramatic than gulping a fistful of pills, but just as certain. And here, the police can’t bust through the doors in the nick of time.

Though not exclusively vegan, the diet plan offered up in Dr. Dean Ornish’s great book, Eat More, Weigh Less, could provide this guy with a healthful way to lose weight — and keep it off. What’s more, a diet like that recommended by Ornish is incredibly varied and delicious; it sure beats basing one meal after another on beef jerky.

Let’s hope the Beef Jerky blogger discovers something along these lines before he does more damage to himself.


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