Ethan Brown’s Vegan Chicken

Mark Bittman at his very best, and perhaps the most important video I’ve ever had the privilege of linking to.

The whole reason I write this blog is because I’d like to see the number of animals killed in the United States drop from nine billion to zero. And the first step to making that happen is to find a realistic way to rapidly cut the number of animals we slaughter in half. If you share this desire, look no further than this video for an opportunity that seems extraordinarily likely to accomplish this lofty goal. As Bittman convincingly demonstrates, Ethan Brown and his associates are well on their way to making factory farmed commodity chicken obsolete. Brown and his team have concocted a vegan substitute that’s ridiculously convincing.

How close is Ethan’s stuff to the real thing? Bittman got fooled twice in a row, believing that the fake chicken was real and the real chicken was fake.

Bittman does a wonderful job of summing up why this is such a big deal. Keep in mind the audience Bittman’s addressing—he’s got no interest in pitching this product to vegans; instead he’s talking to the tens of millions of American omnivores who like chicken and don’t want to give it up:

So what is this about? What are the implications? What is the use of this? We kill nearly 8 billion chickens a year. Most of them are pumped full of antibiotics and raised in crowded, even tortuous conditions. Whether you believe these chickens have souls or not, they have lives. They exist. And every time we kill one, a life is lost. Anytime you can find an application where you’re not using the chicken you’ve made some progress. Now some people say well just eat vegetables instead. I’m fine with that. but some people want the chew, the experience, the flavor to the extent that there is a flavor.

It appears that the ship the animal protection movement has been awaiting has finally come in. This video had an effect on me that was so enormous that it’s impossible to overstate. I feel like almost anything else I could do for animals that does not involve helping Ethan roll out this product is a waste of time. If you feel the same way, I’ve created this form where you can supply your name, email address, and the skills and resources you possess that might be valuable for helping Ethan quickly make this product a mass market success. Link.


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