Fast Food Nation, Ten Years Later

The book has been reissued today with a new afterword summing up the events since its publication, which The Daily Beast has reprinted in full. Essential reading, even if Schlosser, as usual, seems oblivious to the contributions being made by vegans and animal advocates.

Still, there’s lots of important material covered in very little space. I just wish Schlosser were a little more like Bittman and a little less like Pollan when it comes to vegetarianism and animal advocacy. But he nevertheless strives to capture the big picture, even if he ignores a key part of the food movement. His analysis of the past decade culminates with his assertion that:

The food movement needs to become part of a larger movement with a broader vision—a movement that opposes unchecked corporate power, that demands not only healthy food but also a living wage and a safe workplace for every single American.

You can currently grab the new Kindle edition for just $3.99. (Via Kottke.) Link.

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