Final Month: Meat Market Close Out Deals


First, a giant thank you to all readers who picked up copies of Meat Market over the past month. More than 200 copies sold during the past four weeks, and I hugely appreciate everyone who scooped up some copies while they’re still available. For those of you who follow this blog but don’t know about Meat Market, here’s a review from Ginny Messina.

Unfortunately, I’ve still got almost a thousand copies remaining in inventory, and the clock is ticking: thanks to some appalling changes in the terms my distributor has offered, I’m forced to take this book out of print during the first week of January.

Since I need to move a lot of books fast or have them pulped or remaindered, I’m willing to make some deals. If you buy five or more new copies directly fulfilled by Amazon I’m willing to send you some premium schwag. I’ve got signed copies of my various books, as well as T-shirts in both men’s and women’s styles. Email me before you make your purchase and we’ll work out some kind of deal.

I do no fund raising for this blog, so this is the one time I could really use some help. I’d much rather devote my energies to keeping this blog going and improving than I would to scurrying around trying to find homes for my remaining books.



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