Brilliant Bait-And-Switch Fur Website!

If you follow our posts here at, you know we love creative activism. And this website that we just stumbled upon definitely deserves to win a creativity award! is set up as a website for people looking to get fur at discounted prices—and upon first glance, it appears to offer steep discounts on the latest trendy fur and fur-trim items.

However, when unsuspecting visitors click “Buy” (or anywhere on the site), they are taken to an informative webpage exposing the fur industry cruelties—and are presented with facts, photos, and several ways to take action. This is a part of the #MakeFurHistory campaign, and this bait-and-swicth tactic has been executed flawlessly.

When it comes to making huge change for animals, well thought-out and brilliantly executed efforts like this deserve a ton of credit.

[youtube id=”YunzmF2wjVo”]

With the cold weather setting in, now is a perfect time to share this website with your friends and family as a reminder to never buy fur.


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