Germany’s Battery Cage Industry Takes Another Blow

From Mahi Klosterhalfen:

Dorint Hotels & Resorts, one of Germany’s largest hotel chains, has just announced its intention to phase out battery eggs and egg products over the next three years.  Dorint uses more than 2 million eggs per year and will let about 8,000 hens out of their cages as a direct result of this policy.  As a result of this dramatic policy change, Compassion in World Farming has nominated Dorint Hotels to receive its Good Egg Award. Rewarding companies for adopting animal friendly policies is a tactic that’s long been neglected, and I’m honored to have the chance to work with CIWF in order to spread this wonderful program to Germany and Austria. Dorint has shown that there’s no reason for a hotel chain to purchase battery eggs, and its decision has put pressure on other hotels to follow suit.

It often doesn’t take more than a phone call and some emails to convince a large egg purchaser that now is the perfect time to go cage-free.  The possibility of winning an award makes many decision-makers look into the feasibility of abandoning battery-cage eggs — and quite a few of them are deciding that going cage-free is not only a well-worth investment, but also just the right thing to do.

Compassion in World Farming will announce the winners of the Good Egg Awards on April, 28th during an event at the Eiffel Tower, Paris.  Together, this year’s 25 nominees from Germany and Austria alone will help more than 3 Million hens.  The European winners from 2007 and 2008 have already helped 15 million hens out of their cages and they are helping to create a strong pull for other competitors to follow suit.

If you missed last week’s VegTalk podcast featuring Mahi, it’s well worth your time.


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