GoDaddy CEO: “Do I plan to do it again? Yes.”

Another great article from Bryan Walsh, in which he interviews GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons about the elephant killing video. Parsons is digging in his heels and completely unapologetic:

Am I rocked over it? No. Am I sad that I put it up. No. Do I plan to do it again? Yes.


For anyone leaving GoDaddy, someone new has come. It has had minimal impact—and probably overall, I see it as a net positive. All publicity is good publicity if you’re on the right. I can’t quantify it for you. I didn’t do this to promote GoDaddy. But the average American is a reasonable individual, and they see this for what it is. They can see past the PC bullshit. When the only argument [critics] have is to ridicule me, that’s when I get a customer.

Walsh is obviously disgusted. He writes:

America, it’s up to you. If a CEO posting a video of oneself shooting and killing an elephant—an elephant that is a vulnerable species, one step away from being considered endangered—ends up paying off for his business, well, then punch my ticket for Canada.

Do you have a domain or hosting with GoDaddy? Time to send a message. I’ve got no financial relationship with domain registrars, and from what I can tell seems like the best and cheapest of the bunch. Link.

Personal Note: Eight years ago, I bought ten years of registration for and my other sites from GoDaddy. If I leave now, GoDaddy comes out ahead because it keeps my money and won’t have to pay the annual ICANN fees for my sites. But as I’ve blogged earlier, Bob Parsons will never get another penny from me—I’ll be transferring to another registrar in two years rather than renewing with GoDaddy.

Update: Lindsey posts the comment of the day to the fan page: “I wish I had an account just so I could cancel it!”


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