Grant Butler on Crock-Pots

You might recall that Oregonian reporter Grant Butler went vegan for a month early last year, switched permanently, and has been writing about it ever since. This week, in a terrific article, he takes on Crock-Pots:

The trick is to stop thinking of it as a “set it and forget it” appliance into which you throw all the ingredients together in the morning, leaving them to bubble along while you’re away at work.

While that approach is convenient, particularly for midweek cooking when people are busy, they often can result in overcooked vegetables and dishes that have blah, washed-out flavors.

Instead, approach them as yet another tool that can help prepare ingredients for more complicated dishes. After all, we’re talking about cooking — some assembly may be required.

Exactly. I cook chick peas in mine, that I then use to make hummus or pindi chana. And I totally agree with Butler that, for many purposes, a small 1.5 quart unit is a much better choice than a bigger model.

One important point Butler doesn’t mention is how much money you save if you use this appliance regularly. It’s hard to come up with a cheaper, simpler way to make delicious food.

And if you find the idea of using one of these appliances daunting, this is the book you want. Link.


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