Great Things to Watch and Read

So let’s start off another week of blogging on a happy note, with a long entry.

I’m about to leave Lake Tahoe after two years of living here. For my first eighteen months here I had NetFlix, and was on a movie-watching tear, watching three or four movies a week. Of all the movies I got from NetFlix, the one I liked best was Street Fight, which chronicled the 2002 Mayoral Race in Newark, NJ. The hero of the film, candidate Cory Booker, is a longtime vegetarian attempting to seize the reigns of leadership from a corrupt incumbent who had spent decades running Newark into the ground.

As wonderful as that film was, the current issue of Esquire magazine (July, 2008) has a long feature article profiling Booker that is every bit as great. This article is not yet available online, and reading lengthy articles off a screen is unpleasant anyway, so I urge you to pick up a copy of this issue.

And finally, there’s been a lot of buzz in the veggie world about Morgan Spurlock’s TV show, “30 Days.” This show is all about taking somebody out of his or her comfort zone for an entire month, and the latest episode has a hunter move in with a PETA activist and her family, where he is forced to engage in animal rights activism. The concept sounded dumb, gimmicky, and annoying — and frankly I had no interest in seeing this. But a friend twisted my arm and I have to say this was the best 42 minutes of television I’ve seen in years. In case you missed it, this episode (Season 3, Episode 3, “Animal Rights”) is already available as a download from both iTunes (Mac and Windows) and (Windows only) for a mere $1.99. Don’t miss watching this: it’s the best two bucks you’ll spend all month.


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