Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Grilled cheese sandwiches hold a special spot as the quintessential childhood food, but foodies embrace it too—typically by upgrading the bread to sourdough and using a more sophisticated type of cheese.

Luckily, vegans aren’t out of luck when it comes to enjoying grilled cheese sandwiches. That’s mainly because vegan cheese has reached the point where just about every brand is tastier than processed American cheese slices. Making a grilled cheese sandwich is one of the easiest things going, since you really don’t need a recipe. You’ll want some bread that’s machine-sliced, a good brand of meltable vegan cheese, and some vegan butter (Earth Balance is a popular brand) to spread on the outside of each bread slice prior to grilling.

Grill on the stove-top in a skillet over low-medium heat, giving the cheese time enough to melt as the bread turns golden brown. When both sides are properly cooked and your sandwich is ready to serve, remember to slice it diagonally. Pickles make the perfect garnish, or perhaps sprinkle some relish between slices just before serving.


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