One of the best ways to discover new vegan foods is to check out our list of vegan items available from has an incredible selection of vegan items, at great prices, with free shipping available. In fact, chances are you’ll find some must-have items stocked by that you can’t find locally. We’ve made no attempt to list every vegan item carries; instead, consider this list a starting-point for our choices of the very best food products available.

We’ve linked only to items directly fulfilled by, so everything here qualifies for free shipping. Since availability changes, please verify upon visiting each product that free “Super Saver” shipping is available.

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Assorted Pantry Items


Energy Bars

Live Foods

Protein Drink Powders


Chocolately Stuff

(Yes, we’ve devoted an entire section to Chocolately stuff. We vegans don’t screw around.)

Dr. McDougall’s Vegan Soup Cups

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