Hampton Creek Foods

Hampton Creek was founded in 2011 by social entrepreneur Josh Tetrick and Josh Balk of the Humane Society of the United States. It’s an entirely plant-based company, and its primary work involves developing vegan upgrades to foods that are traditionally made with eggs. According to Josh Balk, “We started this company to make big change happen fast. Cramming animals in tiny little cages is as antiquated a system can get. Google indexes the world’s web pages and we do the same for the world’s plants.”

Hampton Creek’s current batch of products—Beyond Eggs, Just Mayo and Eat the Dough—convincingly demonstrate that the days of eggs being a ubiquitous food industry ingredient may be numbered.

With its team of food scientists, biochemists, and engineers Hampton Creek more resembles a technology company than a food company. As of 2014, it has secured $30 million in funding and is backed by six billionaires including Bill Gates, Jerry Yang (Founder of Yahoo), and Li Ka-Shing, the wealthiest person in Asia. Gates’ 2013 documentary The Future of Food features the company. Hampton Creek has signed seven agreements with Fortune 500 companies in the past five months.

Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo is the number one mayo sold at Whole Foods and can also be found at Walmart, Safeway, Kroger, and many Costcos.


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