Hillary Rettig & Ginny Messina Love My Ultimate Vegan Guide

Have you picked up your 99-cent copy of my Ultimate Vegan Guide yet—and, more importantly, have you posted the link [https://t.co/3HTbfyE] to your Facebook wall and used Amazon’s gift button to send a few copies to friends? Don’t forget that you don’t need a Kindle to read it. Free reading apps are available here for Macs, PCs, tablets, iPhones, and Androids.

Lifelong Activist author Hillary Rettig writes:

This is the best guide to veganism I’ve ever read. In simple, straightforward language – but also with great intelligence and perspective – Erik Marcus lays out the basics of veganism, and also provides an easy-to-follow template for becoming vegan. Suitable not just for beginners but experienced vegans: I’ve been vegan for nearly a decade, but still learned a lot.

It’s only 99¢ so just buy it!

And Vegan for Life co-author Ginny Messina says:

How great that the kindle version of this book is only 99 cents! I bought the paperback edition to have at home and then spent that extra dollar to have it on the kindle ap on my iphone as well.

I’m also buying copies for friends who are kind of on-the-fence about vegan diet–wanting to take the plunge but feeling unsure about whether they can do it. This book is so non-judgmental and reassuring, and so packed with practical tips, that I think it will give many aspiring vegans the confidence they need to take that first step.

It’s a worthwhile purchase for vegan activists and educators, too–a great manual on how to help others go vegan.

Highly recommended for seasoned vegans, newbies, and anyone who is just starting to think about going vegan.

More than 500 copies have been purchased in just the past ten days, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the number of people who would benefit from reading this book. If you like my work, please take a few minutes to help me bring total sales for the month to a thousand copies.

Get your copy here.


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