How to Eat Your Veggies

Kim Severson in the New York Times on the difficulty of getting people to eat their vegetables. While Severson’s analysis is valid, her article is itself part of the problem, since it doesn’t offer any advice to readers who, more likely than not, aren’t eating their vegetables. Here are some easy ways to boost your veggie consumption:

  • Bake five or so yams or sweet potatoes at a time, then keep them refrigerated in a plastic container for the next few days, and nuke one whenever you’re hungry.
  • Have some washed kale ready to go, and chop up a little and add it and some tomatoes to a hummus wrap. Or make a wrap from kale and one of your mashed sweet potatoes.
  • Thinly slice some kohlrabi, and smear the slices with tahini.
  • Keep bags of unseasoned microwavable frozen veggies in your freezer. After cooking, add the seasonings of your choice (garlic, black pepper, cayenne, tamari, olive oil, etc.)
  • Remember that alfalfa, clover, sunflower, or broccoli sprouts are terrific in most sandwiches.
  • Those pre-washed salad greens and spinach bags make it easy to add these foods to your diet. Wash them once more for good measure, though.
  • Buy a salad spinner. You’ll be amazed how much water these things spin off, and how much better your dressings will stick to your greens.
  • Learn how to roast vegetables; preparation is nearly effortless.
  • Buy a wok with a lid—avoid getting one with a nonstick surface—and get in the habit of stir-frying vegetables. Be sure to try a different assortment of vegetables each time. And experiment with different sauces; ginger-garlic-tamari today, peanut butter  and coconut milk tomorrow.

If you find ideas like these helpful, my Ultimate Vegan Guide is full of this sort of practical advice. Link.


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