HSUS Interviews Author of Animal Factory

HSUS just interviewed David Kirby, the author of a new exposé on factory farming titled Animal Factory. One question they asked had to do with the angle Kirby chose for his book:

In the book, you focus less on the treatment of animals at factory farms, and more on the air, water, and ground pollution produced by such farms. Why?

First of all, people really do like to read about people. And as much as I care about the treatment and well-being of all animals, including livestock and poultry, I felt like the story of what is happening to real people in real communities was not getting the attention it deserved. The plight of industrial farm animals has been eloquently documented by others. The public is less informed about the impact that so much animal waste is having on humans, wildlife, and entire communities.

Kirby’s right that most books devoted to factory farming focus primarily on animal cruelty issues. I agree with him that there is room in the literature for a book that primarily covers the human and environmental sides of the issue. I’ve got a review copy of Animal Factory
headed my way—can’t wait to check it out. (Via Paul.) Link.


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